To meditate like never before: 100 hour vipassana meditation course

It is said that the vipassana course comes at the moment when the student most needs it. It was my case! Since the beginning of the year I had the feeling of trampling on the same comfortable path between episodes of keeping on extending my smooth routine and the need to shake things up a bit.

I was seeing these ten days of meditation as a strong breeze capable of dissipating the thick fog that weighed down my thoughts and uplift my energy. I was anticipating a remedy to make me move forward again. But I was far from imagining that the experience would be so demanding and painful …. before being rewarding.

Full Moon

How to do a Full Moon Ritual

Since the dawn of time, the moon, and especially the full moon, has been part of many legends. Still now, the moon continues to enchant us, to intrigue us. This celestial body continues to have a sacred place for many cultures and religions throughout the world.

The energy of the full moon invites us to free ourselves from all the worries and negative thoughts accumulated during the month. A ritual on a full moon day aims to get rid of what no longer vibrates with our true self. It is a ceremony of purification, liberation and gratitude to free all the space for the new.

I have collected different ideas learned over time to offer you my best Full Moon Ritual a la Ray of Nath!

I wish you a wonderful full moon evening!

Ubud, Bali

Nyepi in Bali – When the whole island shuts down in silence, seclusion and darkness to celebrate its New Year

When I started to write this story, it sounded like a tale. I imagined myself seated in front of you with my hardcover book, reading it out loud and showing you pictures of Balinese people in their beautiful clothes and the ogoh-ogoh, demon monsters made to exorcise the island of evil spirits on the eve of the Balinese New Year.

So here’s the story written as a tale but based on a true facts!

Un autre village de l'Himalaya, Nepal

A thought for my grandmother from the Himalayas

I thought of it. The series of articles about Nepal would have been incomplete without the story of my short hike in the majestic Himalayan mountains.

Climbing is like meditating. The exercise asks us to climb to the top of our inner mountain to have a better knowledge of ourselves. To find refuge where we can find our best self so we can shine.

I bring you to the most beautiful landscapes I have seen so far in the midst of the silence.